Nursery/School sessions

The French Montessori Club offers French language classes specially tailored for nurseries and pre schools.Our programme follows the EYFS and we are happy to provide lesson plans. As Montessori teachers we understand the importance of experiential learning and individualised education. 

Here is an overview of what you can find in our classes: 

  • Expert Montessori approach: All of our teachers are Montessori trained. They ensure that each child’s unique learning style is catered to. 
  • Interactive learning: We believe in learning by doing! Our classes are designed to be interactive, engaging and age-appropriate, encouraging children to actively participate and absorb the language naturally. 
  • Language immersion: Our native French teachers only speak French throughout the whole session!
  • Cultural enrichment: Beyond language skills, our classes provide a window into the rich French culture, history and traditions making learning a truly enriching experience. 
  • Flexible Curriculum: as early years practitioners we understand that every educational institution is unique, that is why our curriculum is flexible and customisable to align with your nursery/pre school’s values and objectives. 
So, if you run a nursery or pre-school and want to have French sessions, we can step in and organize those for you. Just fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you soon!