les grands frenchies

Bienvenue to Les Grands Frenchies!

These sessions are specifically designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, to both non-French speakers as an introduction to the French langage and to native speakers to support their learning of the French langage. Here is an overview of what we offer in our classes: 

Children will explore a topic during 3 sessions to have time to absorb and foster new vocabulary before to move on to another topic. Each session is focused on the topic through songs, creative and enjoyable games, all the classes are child-centered and above all FUN! Expect traditional French nursery rhymes and songs, movement, games, dance and art activities.

Your children will enjoy their French playdate while seamlessly improving their fluency and their understanding of French – without even noticing!

You can find us in Highgate !

Drop-off session - 45 min