Bienvenue to Les Petits Frenchies!

Our sessions are specifically designed for your little ones (0 to 3), to both non-French speakers as an introduction to the French langage and to native speakers to support their learning of the French langage. Here is an overview of what we offer in our classes: 

Montessori approach: Our teachers are Montessori trained and French native. Our moto is: ‘d’apprendre en s’amusant – Learn French in a fun way’. The activities are designed to stimulate the curiosity and interest of babies towards the French language. 

Parental Involvement: We encourage active participation of parents or caregivers during the sessions. This allows adults to be involved in their babies’ learning journey and strengthen family bonds. 

Social Interaction: The club offers a valuable opportunity for babies to meet other children their age and develop social skills whilst having fun. And at the end of each session we offer coffee or tea to the parents or caregivers to give them the opportunity to share their experience as ‘new’ parents. Expect singing, dancing, puppet show, storytelling and lots of fun!

You can find us in Angel, Highgate and West Hampstead !

Parent-toddler session - 30 min