The 6 areas of Montessori activities

To have a better understanding of Montessori activities, you need to know that they can be divided in 5 categories:

-Practical life: to develop their independence, fine motor skills, concentration but the respect for the environment and living things

-Sensorial: Refine their 5 senses, but also to prepare the child to read, write and develop their mathematical mind

-Literacy: learning to read and write

-Numeracy:  learning mathematical concepts with hands on material , each exercise builds upon another gradually guiding the child’s mathematical mind from the concrete into the more abstract areas of numeration

-Understanding of the World: history, geography, biology

-Art: to develop their creativity, imagination and curiosity for art material

You will find in the following posts a lot of activities to do with your little ones!

If you have any questions please let me know ! 😊

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